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Check List
Check List Before Calling
Here is a list of common electrical problems that can fixed by following the instructions below
1. Breaker not turning back on
  •     Simply turn the breaker completely off then turn it back to the on position.
  • If the breaker trips again see number (3. Breaker Keeps Tripping)

2. Outlets not working in bathrooms, outside, basements or kitchens
  • Look for a GFI outlet located in a bathroom, outside, kitchen, or next to the panel. Sometimes look in panel for GFI breaker located in panel.
  • Look in unfinished areas sometimes they are hidden

3. Breaker keeps tripping
  • Unplug everything on the circuit that is off
  • Try turning on affected breaker, sometimes something that is plugged in is a fault
  • Next try turning off all the switches to lights on affected curcuit
  • Try turning on affected breaker, sometimes a light or ceiling fixture is bad

4. Light bulbs not working
  • Check the light bulb even if you think its good, many times people assume the bulb is good
  • Place a bulb you know for certain works. Try the bulb from another fixture you know actualy works

5. Ceiling fan not working
  • Check the reverse switch on the fan sometimes it gets stuck in the middle
  • Spin the blade manually if it is hard to turn or you hear grinding then the fan is bad

These are just tips and in not guaranteed to work Charm City Electric assumes no responsibility of any property or any person attempting anything on this list of tips. We dont want to come to your residence and charge you to fix a simple problem. Please be careful attempting these troubleshooting solutions.